Harlee and Harper Women’s Association is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Detroit, established in February 2023. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to women in the Detroit metro area who are expecting or have children aged 0-12 months. Our focus areas include offering parental information, raising awareness about postpartum issues, and addressing potential psychological effects associated with pregnancies.

Our overarching objective is to serve as a primary resource for expectant mothers, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and preparation for motherhood to establish a strong foundation for the future. Additionally, we aspire to contribute to the reduction of mortality rates and streamline the parenting experience within the Detroit community.

Harlee and Harper Women’s Association specifically targets African American women in the Detroit Metro area. We aim to cater to needs of low-income to middle class mothers who lack maternal knowledge and are uncertain about where to find assistance. We serve as a Detroit resource hub, striving to bridge the gap by providing essential support and guidance to enhance the well-being of mothers and their children in our community.