The Power of a Mom Program

This program seeks to address these disparities by providing comprehensive support and education to expectant and new mothers in the Detroit metro area. Through a series of workshops scheduled throughout the year, participants will gain insights from medical and mental health experts on proper physical and mental health practices during pregnancy. Topics covered will included postpartum awareness, Housing/Shelters, Work-life balance, etc. 

The SAY NO Program

This program focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of a mom. We understand that expectant mothers and new moms under go a lot of psychological challenges as their bodies are consistently changing. During this time, it is very essential to SAY NO to the things that impacts your mental stability. Therefore, this program will assist moms in finding Behavioral/Mental Health specialists to help them overcome psychological challenges during and shortly after pregnancy.

The WE Balance Program

This program will assist moms in transitioning into work after giving birth and provides them with career options based on their criteria or expertise. The goal is to ensure moms in the Detroit community are successfully transitioning back into the workforce after giving birth and most importantly maintaining a work-life balance. 

Additionally, this program will help pay an individual's essential bill expense up to 3 months or until they find their job or career (which ever comes first). 

The Daycare Support Program

This program aims to support mothers by providing Daycares located in the Detroit Metro area with baby necessities such as pampers, wipes, baby formula, and toys so that babies will have what they need while in child care. We understand that moms may not be able to supply these things for their child while in childcare so we want to assist!